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Feng Shui - Addressing The Balance For Green Living

by Author Is: on 04/20/11

By: John Culbertson

Green living is a phrase we hear more and more, but all too often it seems that politicians and others who step into the spotlight miss the point entirely; green living is not an alternative way of life, it is the only responsible way of life which is likely to permit our survival. We have a responsibility – we have always had a responsibility – to take charge of this earth as its caretakers; we are passing through, taking on the baton of care whilst we share in the never ending story of life.

The earth we have inherited was left to us by our ancestors, as we too will leave what is left of the earth to our children, and their children. Green living is the only way in which we can ensure that the lush green and pleasant lands we have known and loved continue to thrive long into the future. The call of the bird on the breath of the wind, the song of the stream as it splashes through the fields and pastures, the glory of the sunrise and the joy of the dawn chorus – all these and many more are gifts beyond price, and gifts we have the responsibility to ensure are passed on for others to enjoy.

For those who already follow a life which takes the ideas and messages of Feng Shui to heart, there is much which can be learnt, and put into practice, which can help each way of life complement the other. Living in harmony with our surroundings, and the natural forces around us, could easily be interpreted as either green living or Feng Shui. In fact, this similarity in ideals should not be a surprise, since the very name words – Feng Shui mean, translated from the Chinese, ‘wind water’. Two natural elements, working together in harmony, and today more relevant than ever before as we are increasingly looking to these elements to harness renewable, natural energy sources to fulfil our moral obligations and legacy responsibilities.

Feng Shui is very much concerned with the way solar light and energy can be harnessed within the home, given free passage and reflected in ways which can enhance the feelings of wellness within the home. Green living is very much seen as being at one with this same belief, taking greater advantage of the wealth of natural light and energy granted to us at the beginning of each new day. Whether you choose to install solar panels, or simply arrange the home in such a way that natural light can be allowed in more freely, without restriction.

Our ancestors may have lived in dark, damp caves, but there is no need for us to shut out the natural light, and burn our way through nature’s precious resources in order to fuel our need for artificial light, warmth and cooling breeze. Yet, each and every day, this is precisely what many millions of households do. Feng Shui is very much about ensuring the home and those who call it home live in harmony with each other, and the natural forces around them.

We can easily see that green living, eco awareness, environmental awareness or sustainable living, is simply a way of complementing these concepts, and taking them a little further. In this way, the art and life of Feng Shui does not limit itself to the interconnectivity of home and those within, but a much greater and more splendid form of interconnection.

Indeed, the harmony of Feng Shui and green living can be said to extent this relationship far beyond the home, and the nearby surroundings, and embrace the forces and powers of nature throughout the whole word – a global interconnectivity, in celebration of the natural world, the forces which draw life, and which are ours to cherish and enjoy from our own personal dawn to our inevitable sunset.

Whilst this can be seen as a global challenge, and certainly a very exciting one, as well as a necessary obligation we cannot afford the luxury of shirking, it can also seem to be a little daunting. Personal and global responsibility does not come quickly, or easily, yet if each journey must begin with a single step, so our personal responsibilities must similarly start small, as indeed does humanity’s in general.

Feng Shui is the awareness, understanding and celebration of the interplay between the seen, and known forces, and those unseen, or beyond our physical grasp. It is the understanding of the precious balance which enables life and happiness to flourish.

Whether you take time to consider the fabrics and materials you use each day which are the product of energies that have poisoned the planet, such as the seemingly humble plastic bag, or consider more fully the implications of your daily living, and whether your contributions are in balance with the energy and resources which you are taking for yourself, we can all embrace the tenets of Feng Shui, and take those first, important and ultimately fulfilling steps on the eco-friendly, recyclable and environmentally clean path to green living.

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