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A Life By Design
The Power For Change Is In Your Hands
Soy Intention/ Ritual Candle Tin
Soy Intention/ Ritual Glass Votive Candles
Ritual Basket Kits
Wiccan Sabbats Ritual Basket Kits
Spa Retreat Ritual Basket Kits
Spiritual & Life Stages Ritual Basket Kits
Pagan Ritual Basket Kits
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Business Hours: Mon. - Fri.  10am to 7pm PST.

Backorders:  When you place an order and an item is unavailable (due to being out of stock) we will place it on backorder, if we have not received notification to the contrary from you; and we will notify you of this backorder.  If you do not want your order to be placed on backorder let us know at the time you submit your order by making a note in the note/comment area of the Paypal order form. When the item becomes available it will be shipped to you.  You may also call us (818 342-5547) or email us ( to advise us  not to have out of stock items backordered.

Important Note and Disclaimer:  People with Allergies, Asthma or Respiratory conditions maybe adversely affected by the Candles, Ritual Baskets, Incense and Oils as they have fragrances which can affect these conditions. 

Care should be taken with anything that burns, such as candles and incense.  These items should not be left unattended.  Do not handle candles or incense that are burning in glass or metal.  Do not touch the glass or metal with bare hands as you can be burned (both glass and metal conduct heat and can burn you).
Incense and Supplies 2
Incense and Supplies
Square Votive Candles set of 4
Pyramid and Image Candles
Mandala Intention Pillar Candles
Reiki Charged Intention Pillar Candles 6" by 3"
1. Reiki Charged Intention Pillar Candles 7" by 1 1/2"
2. Reiki Charged Intention Pillar Candles 7" by 1 1/2"
Aromatherapy Candles 3" by 3 1/2"
Jar Scented Candles
Reiki Charged Intention/Ritual Jar Candle
Candle Accessories
Magical Fairy Dust Ritual Pillar Candle
Ritual, Animal Spirit, Celtic, Celestial & Wicca Pillar Candle
Goddess Ritual Pillar Candles
Scented Votives
The items below on this page are Special Order Items.   Orders are accepted for the Continental United States.  These items are ordered differently than our normal Starlight Store Products.  However, they are still paid for through Paypal.   Please note that prices and products can change at anytime, without prior notification.

There is a 2 Step Process to ordering and paying for these items. 

First Step: When you place your order you are charged only for the items (which you pay through Paypal) and not for any tax or shipping and handling charges (these are paid for in the second step).  Please write your phone number in the order form note area.

The Second Step:  You will receive an invoice from us through Paypal for any tax, shipping and handling charges.  This is done this way because the shipping charges are done by weight.  This Paypal Invoice must be paid first before we can ship your order to you
Gift Ideas for Friends and Clients: Ritual/Intention Votives, Candles; Ritual/Intention Ritual Basket Kits;  Leather Journals;  Salt Lamps;  T-Shirts; Tank Tops;  Tarot; DVDs or CDs
Gift Ideas for Children and Young Adults: Fairy Pennants; Medieval Pennants & Banners, Fairy with Pen Journals, Dragon Journals, Anne Stokes items; Pirate T-Shirts; Books:  Teen Witch, Magical Household; GummyBear Tarot.
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Products - Click on Pictures for a Larger Image
Selecting Scented and Unscented Candles for Ritual/Intention by the Color

The Color can represent an Intention, a Planet
or a Day of the Week.

Color     Day           Planet     Intention
Black        Saturday    Saturn       Remove Obstacles, Illness & Weight
Blue         Wednesday Mercury   Communication, Creativity
                    Saturday     Saturn       Remove Obstacles  & Weight
Brown     Thursday     Jupiter      Steady Money, Work
Gold          Thursday     Jupiter      Money, Overall Healing
                    Sunday          Sun               Sun is Victory
Green       Thursday    Jupiter       Money, Work, Luck
Orange    Sunday         Sun              Courage & Friendships
Pink          Friday           Venus         Love, Harmony
Purple     Monday         Moon           Psychic, Spiritual, Dreams,
             Psychological Work
Rainbows/ Sunday     Sun             Overall Wellbeing & Healing
7 Color
Red            Friday            Venus        Love, Passion
                     Tuesday        Mars           Energy, Drive, Ambition
Silver      Monday          Moon          Psychic, Spiritual, Dreams,
            Psychological Work,  Protection
White      Any Day     All   Positive Energy,  Protection
Yellow     Wednesday Mercury Communication,  Analytical

Unscented Votive Candles (About 15hrs.)
Ritually Inscribed Candles 8" Taper 2
Ritually Inscribed Candles 8" Taper 1
DVDs 1
DVDs 2
DVDs 3
Salt Lamps
St. Joseph's House Selling Ritual Kit
Ouija - Talking Boards, Pendulums
Anna Riva Oils 2 Dram Bottles (4 Bottle Set)
Anna Riva Oils 16oz
Crystal Balls & Scrying
Self Improvement CDs
Music CDs
Tarot & Divination Decks 3
Tarot & Divination Decks 1
Tarot & Divination Decks 2
Interfaith Minister's Stole
Banners, Flags & Pennants: Fairies
Medieval Cotton Vests and Cotton Shirt
Jacquard/Chiffon Dress & Black Ruffle Blouse (One Size Fits Most
Deadmen T Shirt (Long & Short Sleeve)
Cloaks & Robes
Cotton T Shirts Long & Short Sleeve
Feng Shui Elements Essence Oils 2 Drams
2. Astrological Essence Oils 2 Drams
Astrological Essence Oils 2 Drams
Journals, Book of Shadows, Grimoires
Journals, Book of Shadows, Grimoires
Ann Stokes - Boxes, Scrolls and Tiles
Books for Children, Young Adults & Teens
Books on Magical and Mythical Creatures
3. Books
4. Books Continued
Skull & Cross Guns T Shirts
Skull & Cross Guns Tank Tops
Cotton T Shirts Short Sleeve (SS)
4. Cotton Tank Top
5. Cotton Tank Top
2. Cotton Tank Top
Cotton Tank Top
3. Cotton Tank Top
Leather Book of Shadows & Journals
2. Wheel of the Year Pennants
1. Banners, Pennants & Tapestries
Children, Young Adults & Teens
ABC Book   Book of               Celtic Arts &          Celtic Stencil      Knock of the                Seven Years to    Teen Book
of Shadows                    the Dragon                   Crafts Fun                       of Designs                   DoorSave the Planet     of Shadows
Leather Book of Shadows & Leather Journals or Blank Books
Angel                               Goddess                           Flowers Handpainted    Solstice                       Tree of Life       Fighting Griffins            1842 Poetry 
Street Smart    Teutonic                      Vampires                      Vampire                      Vampyre                 Witches
Psychics                      Mythology V.1-4      Field Guide                    Nation                         Sanguinomicon     Beverages & Brews
Anne Stokes
Glimpse of a                 Dragon Pentagram    Aracnafaria          Spellbound               Glimpse of a       Crystal BallUnicorn   Box           Greenman Box            Dragonfly Box         Wall  Scroll        Wall Scroll   Wall Scroll                Unicorn Wall Scroll    Wall Scroll
Returns - Our return policy is as follows:  Any items or products that arrive at your door damaged in some way please notify us by phone (818 645-6646) or by email (see contact page for email address, or the first page of this website) within 7 days of your receipt of the product.  We will then give you an authorization to return the item.

You can either be credited for your order, or a replacement will be sent back to you if it is in stock.

We do require for all customers returning merchandise to pay for the shipping and insurance,  

All sales are final, unless the order is received damaged 
                Pagan Ash- Wisdom &   Rustic Ash - Wisdom      Rustic Maple -  Money    Rustic Willow -
Money Wand   Strength of Purpose        & Strength of Purpose    Imagination  Healing & Psychic
Divination Tools:
Dowsing                       Enchanted                     Ouija                              Ouija Altar                      Copper                            Pendulum                       Psychic
L Rods                           Spellboard                     Book                               Cloth                                Pendulum Board           Kit                                 Circle
Pentacle           Tree of Life      Truth Fairy
Talking Board           Talking Board          Pendulum & Board
Scrying and Crystal Balls
                  Dragon Scrying            Celtic Knot Black         12" Beveled Concave      Brass Mirror                Brass Large Crystal 
Crystal Balls      Bowl 7"w 8"L 6"H        Scrying Mirror 8"       Black Scrying Mirror       6"Stand                        (at least 100mm)Ball Stand
Divination and Tarot Cards
Salvador Dali               ESP Test                     Gothic Tarot of           Gummy Bear             Halloween                  The Lovers'                   Make Your
TarotCards                Vampires Tarot        Tarot                            Path Tarot                    Own Tarot
Mystical     Power Animal  Rider Waite
Lenormand Cards       Tarot                             Pocket Tarot

Rider Waite                  Tarot of the               The Druid                      Thoth Pocket               Thoth Tarot                     The Vampires               Universal Waite
Tarot                              Pirates                        Animal Oracle              Tarot                             Small                                Tarot Tarot Deck STD.
Universal Waite
Pocket Tarot                 Vampire's Tarot

       Celtic Message          Elemental                    Faerie                        Fairy Wisdom              Messages from Oracle of the
Angel Oracle                Deck                            Tarot                            Tarot                          Deck                              the Wee Folks              Dragonfae
Tarot of the                   Tarot of the                   The Tarot of the
Celtic Fairies                 Elves                               Princesses
Book of  Shadows and Journals
Dragon                          Greenman                     Unicorn                         Double Dragon            Yin & Yang                   Feng Shui                      Laughing Buddha & Pen
Morrigan Book of        Celtic Spiral
Shadows   Pentagram
Purple Fairy                Green Fairy                Red Fairy                  Believe Fairy              Magic Fairy                Dream Fairy
& Pen                            & Pen                          & Pen                          & Pen                           & Pen                            & Pen
Black Cat Vampire Romance       Dragon Crest
Wiccan Sabbats Ritual Baskets                Pagan Ritual Baskets
Spa Retreat Ritual Baskets                          Spiritual/Life Stages Ritual Baskets
St. Joseph's Sell Your House Ritual Kit  Ritual/Intention Baskets
Feng Shui Essence Oils - 2 Dram Bottles
Astrological Essence Oils - 2 Dram Bottles      Anna Riva Oils - 16 oz Bottles    
3 Kings Incense or Jerusalem Incense
Anna Riva Oils - 2 Dram Bottles
Salt Lamps (Medium or Small)
Frankincense or Frankincense & Myrrh
Sand for Charcoal & Incense
Sage Spirit Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick
or Sage Spirit Sage & Sweetgrass
Incense & Charcoal
30MM Charcoal 8 Disks a Roll
40MM Charcoal 10 Disks a Roll
Tongs for Charcoal/Incense
Abalone Shell Incense Burner
Ceramic Shintoh Incense Burner
Square Votive Holder
Incense SuppliesBuddha Incense Holder
Wax Off Wax Remover
Elegant Candle Snuffer
White - Protection or Positive Energy
Unscented Votives -About 15 Hours
Green Votive - Money/Abundance
Candle Accessories  
Pillar Candle Holder 
CDs  - Self Improvement       CDs - Music
DVDs          DVDs
    The Unicornis 
Teen Witch     Manuscript      Walk the Walk
Books on Magical and Mythical Creatures
    Dragons and Enchanted:  Fairy            FairiesThe Little Book of
Book of Dragon        Dragonlore                Unicorns                   Art by L. Ravenscroft   Magical Guide Gargoyles        Magical Creatures
The Unicornis
Mythic Bestiary           Manuscript
Books - Miscellaneous
Enchanted Handfasted andHandfasting and    Healing Kitchen              Magical         Magical
Animal Speak              Birthday Book      Heartjoined                  Wedding Rituals     Power of Trees       Witchery Household               Housekeeping
The Psychic
Vampire Codex
Anne Stokes
Green Man
Wall Scroll                  Greenman Tile
Banner, Flags, Pennants
  Rose Fairy            Blue Iris Fairy         Green Fairy               Pirate Flag                Yin Yang Paqua        Leather Fairy Mask

Wheel of the Year Pennants
Brigit (Imbolc)          Lammas                    May Day                 Spring Equinox        Summer Solstice      Autumn Equinox    Halloween               Yule
Medieval Banners and Pennants
Medieval Lion of    Medieval Phoenix     Medieval Dragon   Medieval Moon
Courage                   of Rebirth                   of Protection           Unicorn                     Sun Dragon              Welsh Dragon       Wind Dragon                                           
Crystal               Celtic Double            Earth Tapestry/
Dragon                Dragon                      Sarong
Minister Stoles
Purple/Gold               Blue/White     White
Clothing - T Shirts
Deadman Long and Deadman Short Sleeve
Skull and Cross Guns Short Sleeve
Skull and Cross Guns Tank Top
Moonstone                    Moon Goddess
Soy Wax Ritual/Intention Votive                                   Soy Wax Ritual/Intention Tin 
Aromatherapy                                           Mandala Intention
Charged Ritual Taper       Charged Ritual Pillar  -  Comes with a Ritual Necklace
Reiki Charged Ritual /Intention Candles
Reiki  Charged Ritual Pillar 6" by 3"                             Reiki Charged Ritual Jar
Square Votives                                                                             Pyramid & Image Candles
Four Elements                                       Red Pyramid 
Healing   Adam & Eve
Irish Blessing          Marriage
Scented Jar Candles  Scented Votives
Frankincense           Cherry Vanilla  - Love & Harmony 
Almond Biscotti      Sage - Cleanses Energy
Candy Cane              Vanilla - Love & Harmony  
Nag Champa  Mulled Cider or Pumpkin 1doz. - Abundance
Jade Fairy                     Fairy in Meadow
Clothing - Tank Tops
Blue Fairy                        Call the Sea Fairy
Spirit of Flight
Dragon Whisper           In Bloom
Heart Fairy                    Ruby Fairy
Green Wing Fairy         Lady Avalon
Medieval Wedding         Elizabethan
White Dress                    Black Ruffle Blouse
Brown Elvish        Green/Black            Teal/Black Long    Medieval Men's
Vest                         Reversible Vest       Panel Vest                Shirt
Woodman's             Black Unlined          White/White            Black Rayon Lace
Brown Robe            Velvet Ritual Cloak Velvet Ritual Robe  Ritual Cloak
Druid Ritual                Wizard's
Robe                             Ritual Robe
Candles: The majority of the candles below are scented, there are just a couple that are not.  The unscented candles will indicate they are unscented.
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Cotton (Hand Wash) Druid & Wizard Robes
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Solution Graphics
Amulets, Jewelry & Talismans
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Crystals, Stones and Feng Shui Sets
Feng Shui Crystal/Stones
7 Chakra Ball & 7 Chakra Pentagram Gemstone Pendulums
Crystal and Wooden Runes
Sterling Silver Adjustable Rings and Toe Rings
Lead Free Pewter - Archangel Amulets & Power Necklaces

At this time we are redoing our store, and therefore until further notice we are not taking any orders.