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Linda Kay Marchena's
Business Resume And Metaphysical Resume

Business Resume
Work Experience:
Self Employed Independent Contractor
Aura and Chakra Biofeedback Video Consultant
Developing and Instructing Classes and Lectures
Development of Flyers and Websites
Development of Products (Candles and New Age Products)
Energy Healing - Sacred Flames Reiki and The Reconnective Healing
Entertainment at Parties
Feng Shui, Home Staging, Feng Shui Interior Redesign
Minister - Perform Ceremonies
Notary Public (No Legal Advice Given)
Payroll - Quickbooks
Process Serving
Spiritual Advisor

A Starlight Media/Starlight Store
(Starlight Store and Starlight Ebook Store)
Angelus Services
4Front Communications
Wishbringers Essentials
Magically Yours

Blue Cross of California
Business Analyst - Corporate Health Services
Business Analyst - Corporate Legal
Supervisor II - Individual Products
Supervisor II - Customer Service
Senior (Acting Supervisor) - Customer Service
Customer Service Representative
Medi-cal Data Entry

Trane Home Comfort - Receptionist

West Valley Occupational Center - Teacher's Assistant

United California Bank - Stock Certificate Typist

Computer Knowledge:
Microsoft XP
Power Point

Older Computer Programs

PSI Process Serving Basics - PSI (Process Serving Institute)
How to Start, Maintain and Market a Process Serving Business - PSI
Private Detective Training - DTI (Detective Training Institute)
National Notary Association - Notary Public (Renewal)
LAMC - Computers, Notary Public
Pierce College Extension - Child Supervised Visitation Monitor 1 and 2, Notary Public Loan Signing
Blue Cross of California - Active Listening, Claims Processing, Creative  
  Thinking and Brainstorming, Customer Service, Dealing With Difficult
  People, Dos, Flow Charting, Health Net and Capitation Programs, How
  To Interview, Lotus, Motivation, Multi Mate, Responsive Writing,
  Supervision, Targeted Selection Interview Process
Pierce College - Major Psychology (Education included Business Law 1
  and 2)
Valley College - Supervision
West Valley Occupational Center - Business Machines, Bookkeeping, 
  PBX, CRT, Office Practices, Business English, Shorthand
Belmont High School - Fingerprint Classifier
Van Nuys High School - Law Enforcement
Cleveland High School - Graduated - Major English

Other Affiliations and Volunteer Work:
Haven House (Shelter for battered women and children) - A volunteer in   the Children's Program
Blue Cross Customer Service Holiday Caroling Group - Holiday Caroling
  at hospitals
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority

Exploring New Places and New Ideas
Holistic Healing
Murder Mysteries

Metaphysical Resume
Metaphysical Resume – Linda Kay Marchena
Work Experience:
1988 - Present - Linda Kay Marchena – Life Design Consult. and
    Spiritual Advisor - Psychic Readings, parties (i.e. Cinetel, Warner
    Bros., Playboy Mansion Charity Event), taught classes (Prosperity,
    Tarot, Psychic Development).

1987 to April 17, 2007 – Psychic Eye Book Shop – Psychic Advisor,
   Hypnotist, Séances, taught classes (Prosperity, Psychic
   Development, Tarot), worked parties (i.e. Warner Bros.,
   Universal Amphitheatre).

Early Years
Age 3 - Ouija Board - Taught by Grandmother, Alma Everson
Age 3 to 18 - Catholic Church and Catechism
Age 5 to present - Past Life Image in Mirrors - Not taught. This is   
Age 7 to present - Premonitions through dreams - Natural ability
Age 7 to present - Déjà Vu - Natural Ability
Age 7 to present - Stones and Crystals - Self Taught
Age 11 to present - Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Ghosts, Séances - Self taught
Age 12 to present- History of Witchcraft, Salem Witch Trials and the
   Spanish Inquisition
Age 13 - Meditation and Automatic writing - Self taught
Age 14 - Gong Hee Fot Choy, I-Ching - Self taught
Age 15 - Ghosts, Poltergeist - Self taught and experienced
Age 16 - Astral projection - Natural ability
Age 17 - Humanities - Cleveland High School
Age 21 - Learned About Mormon Faith - By a friend
Age 22 - Four Square Gospel - I learned through a friend, whose father
   was the Minister        

Year 1970's
Astrology - Pierce College Community Service - Linda Smith
History of Religions - Pierce College
Philosophy 1 -  Pierce College - McFerran
Philosophy 2 - Pierce College - Habib
Philosophy of the Occult - Pierce College - McFerran
Philosophy of the Orient - Pierce College - McFerran
Psychology 1 - Pierce College
Psychology 2 - Pierce College
Abnormal Psychology - Pierce College
Child Psychology - Pierce College
Sociology - Pierce College

During the 1980's
Astrology - Psychic Eye - Diane Ronnegren
Bradshaw Lecture - The Family
Course In Miracles - R
Crystals - Self Taught
Dowsing (Rods and Pendulum) - Self Taught
Dream and Symbol Interpretation - Adrian Gagnon and self taught
     -1986 to 1992
Goddess Meditation - Cosmic Connection Bookshop
Haven House Training in Abused Women and Children - 1985
Herbs - Self Taught
Hypnosis and Biofeedback Training - Vision Quest Shop
Magick - Self Taught
Master Mind Group - R
Meditation - R, Cosmic Connection Bookshop
Oils - Self Taught
Paganism - Self Taught
Prosperity - R
Psychic Development - R
Runes - Self Taught
Séances - Self taught - 1988 to 1992
Shamanism - Self Taught
Tarot - Cosmic Connection Bookshop
Tarot - R
Terry Cole Whitaker's Christian Ministry
Voice Lessons - George, Susan French (Seth Riggs Assoc.) -
    1986 to 1992
Weekly Meditation and Visualization - Cosmic Connection Bookshop
Wicca - Self Taught
Women's Empowerment - R

Astrology - Psychic Eye - Daniel
Coffee Ground Readings - Self Taught
Course In Miracle - Psychic Eye
Diabetic Nutrition Class - Tarzana Medical Center
Ghost Hunting – Hotel Bella Maggiore, Olivas Adobe, Glen Tavern Inn – Myself and friends’ daughter and friends’ son.
Hypnosis Training - Sylvia Browne - 1996
Kabbalah 1 - Online and Video Course - Kabbalah Center
Kabbalah - Chaos - Kabbalah Center
Kabbalah - Chaos - Kabbalah Online
Motivation - ULC
Palmistry - Psychic Eye - Lola Babalon
Phrenology - Self taught
Prosperity - Psychic Lola Babalon
Santeria - Self Taught
Science of Mind - Science of Mind Church North Hollywood
Scrying - Self Taught
Séances – I held at the Psychic Eye, friend’s home and my home. 
    Self Taught
Tea Leaves  - Self taught
Totems -Self Taught
Voice Class - Learning Tree - Elizabeth Sabine
Voodoo - Self Taught

Aura Video Biofeedback Consultant Training - Inneractive Enterprises
Feng Shui - LA Mission College
Feng Shui - Western School of Feng Shui
Feng Shui Interior Redesign (Included Green Design) - Western School
   of Feng Shui and the School of Graceful Lifestyle
Feng Shui Location Transformation - Western School of Feng Shui
Ghost Hunting – Olivas Adobe – Richard Senate
Ghost Hunting – Glen Tavern Inn, Olivas Adobe, Camp Comfort – My
    self and friends
Healthy Cooking - LA Mission College
Kabbalah 2 - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Tree of Life - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Angels - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Health, Aromatherapy - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Psychic Development - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Prosperity - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - 72 Names of God - Kabbalah Center - Tarzana
Kabbalah - Zohar - Kabbalah Online
MetaMedicine Introduction - Johannes R. Fissilinger
Qi Gong Basic 8 - Master Hong Liu
Qi Gong Rejuvenation - Master Hong Liu
Reconnective Healing - Dr. Eric Pearl
Supervised Visitation Monitor 1 - Pierce College Extension
Supervised Visitation Monitor 2 - Pierce College Extension
Sacred Flames Reiki - Reiki Blessings Academy - Alli Dahlhaus

Public Television (PBS)
Terry Bradshaw
Deepak Chopra
Wayne Dyer
Building Green
Gary Null
Christine Northrup
Suze Orman
Dr. Perricone
Dr. Andrew Weil

Christian Television
Terry Cole-Whitaker - Prosperity
Creflo Dollar
Benny Hinn - Names of God
Joyce Meyer
Joel Osteen
Dr. Gene Scott
Melissa Scott
Paula White