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This page was last updated: August 19, 2019
Linda Kay Marchena
Spiritual Advisor
Formally of the Psychic Eye - Sherman Oaks

  Candles, Colors, Crystals
  Coffee Grounds & Tea Leaf Reading
  Dream & Symbol Interpretation 
  Meditation & Visualization
  Numerology & Tarot
I have over 48 years of experience in Metaphysics, and I have been on radio and television. I have also studied various Spiritual Paths such as, Kabbalah, Catholism, Course in Miracles, Science of Mind, Paganism and Eastern Philosophies.

My clients are from all walks of life including: Accountants,  Artists, Attorneys,  Domestic Engineers, Electronic Industry, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Film Industry, Finance, Graphic Design, Inventors, Health Professionals, Music Industry, Professional Psychics, Therapists and Writers.

Rates:  Phone readings are prepaid by using Paypal, which can be done by clicking on the payment area at the bottom of this page.  (Important Note: For those of you who are not a member of Paypal.  They now have a limit for guest signins for payments, which is about $4000.00.   After that you must sign up to use PayPal.)  Those who do not want to make a payment using Paypal can prepay by check, and once it is received an appointment can be scheduled. 

Rates For Phone Readings
                              $25 for 15 minutes   
                                                              $35 for 30 minutes
             $60 for 45 minutes
                                                              $70 for 1 hour

I am currently not available for parties (including children's parties), events, lectures and seminars.  Normally, when I am available for parties there is a 2 hour minimum, and the rate starts at $100.00 per hour on up.  The rate can be more depending on the location, the time of day, the day of the week, the amount of time between the request for service and the event, and if it is during peak Holiday Season.

Availability:  Days - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
                       Hours - Normally 12pm to 7pm PST
                       Not Available for Consultations:  Sundays, Mondays,
                       Wednesdays or Holidays
                       Please no calls, faxes,  messages or emails on Sunday, Mondays,
                         Wednesdays or Holidays

I am flexible with the hours for appointment times, but do not call me before 12pm PST to make the appointment.
Availability Calendar:  To make an appointment you can check my availability (to see if I will be out of town), on my the calendar by clicking below, and then when the calendar page comes up click on the daily calendar tab.  This calendar is not for booking appointments.  See below on how to schedule an appointment.

To Schedule An Appointment:  Notify me of the day, time, how much time you would like, and what State you are calling from.  Until further notice you may schedule an appointment by calling me at (818) 645-6646, or by emailing me.  To email me click here Email:  

Please, remember time differences when making an appointment.  I am located in California my time zone is PST, which is 3 hours behind EST, 2 hours behind CST, 1hour behind MST, 1 hour ahead of Alaska and 2 hours ahead of Hawaii.  Please use the PST time zone when you are requesting your appointment time.

PayPal Internet Payments: Click either on the buttons below (make sure to click on the amount or go here to make a payment  Make A Payment.

PayPal Mobile Payments: To pay through the PayPal Mobile system, you must activate your phone first through PayPal (at www.paypal.com or by phone at 1-800-4paypal, 1-800-472-9725).  When using the PayPal Mobile system you must use either  the phone number (818) 645-6646 or my email address of lmarchena@sbcglobal.net.

Note: There is no refund on missed appointments.  There will still be a charge for missed appointments, when there is no prior call to the appointment time to cancel or reschedule. There is no refund for anyone calling late during their appointment time, and they will be read for the remainder of the time they have left. 

There will be a charge for any emails, faxes or phone messages giving updates asking me for a response by email, fax or letter to additional questions, advice or research. These items will be considered as a consult and will be charged at a minimum of $35.00 or more.  The definition of a client giving an update is just giving a status report, that does not require a response by the other party (in this case me). 

Disclaimer: Readings are considered entertainment.  Each individual is still responsible for their decisions.  Every person has free will, and because of this things can change.

Questions regarding health should be referred to a recognized health practioner, such as a physician.(Important Note: For those of you who are not a member of Paypal.  They now have a limit for guest signins for payments, which is about $4000.00.   After that you must sign up to use PayPal.) 
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You are The High Priestess
Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

when it comes to your moods.

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Your Life Path Number is 5
Your purpose in life is to life freely and collect experiences.

You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas.
You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms.
You tend to make friends easily, and you enjoy the company of all types of people.

In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long.

You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret.
Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs.
You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused.
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Spiritual Advisor Phone Consultation
Spiritual Advisor Phone Consultation
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