Payments: I accept payments through the PayPal System, through either the internet or by Paypal Mobile. (Important Note: For those of you who are not a member of Paypal.  They now have a limit for guest signins for payments, which is about $4000.00.   After that you must sign up to use PayPal.) 

Note: Payments for readings or consults must be made prior to the appointment.  There is no refund on missed appointments.  There will still be a charge for missed appointments, when there is no prior call to the appointment time to cancel or reschedule. There is no refund for anyone calling late during their appointment time, and they will receive the remainder of the time they have left. 

There will be a charge for any emails, faxes or phone messages giving updates asking me for a response by email, fax or mail, to additional questions, advice or research. These items will be considered as a consult and will be charged at a minimum of $35.00 or more.  The definition of a client giving an update is just giving a status report, that does not require a response by the other party. 

PayPal Internet Payments: To pay through PayPal internet either click on the buttons below (make sure to click on the amount you want) or click on this Payments,  and go to the PayPal section of the page and click on the amount.

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The Power For Change Is In Your Hands

Linda Kay Marchena
Life Design Consultant

Services Available:
Energy Healer
  Aura and Chakra Video  
  Reconnective Healing
  Sacred Flames Reiki
Feng Shui
  Feng Shui Consultation
  Home Staging
  Interior Redesign
  Behavior Modification
  Past Life Regression
  Stress Reduction
Minister For Ceremonies
  Life Partner
  New Age Baptism
  Renewal of Marriage Vows
Seminars or Classes
  Psychic Development
  Treasure Mapping/Vision Boards
Life Advisor & Spiritual Advisor
(A session may include one or more of the following:  advice, information, motivation or education given using my knowledge, which is based on my life experience, education and the items below.  These sessions are not to be used to replace the advice from professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Psychologists, LCSW, MFC, etc)
  Candles, Colors, Crystals
  Coffee Grounds & Tea Leaves
  Dream & Symbol Interpretation 
  Meditation & Visualization
  (Click here or on Spiritual Advisor Tab for information)
Phone:  (818) 645-6646 

Please indicate in the Subject line:  what your inquiry is regarding, make it clear who you are, if you were referred and by whom. 

Business Days and Hours:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 7pm PST

Please no emails, faxes, calls
or messages on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays or Holidays.

Linda is currently not available for:

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Linda Kay Marchena
Los Angeles County , CA
Important:  Please use either my email address or my cell phone number to make your appointments.  Also, please call my cell phone number at the time of your appointment.  My cell Phone number is (818) 645-6646.
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