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Consultations With Sue
Sue's consultations are done through email

Disclaimer:  Tarot Consultations should be considered as entertainment only

Tarot Readings By Sue

Do you have questions about what’s going on in your life? Order a reading from me and find out. I will tell you where you are mentally, physically and emotionally. Understanding what’s going on in your life is the first step in healing and making changes.

Other readings are also available, as well as answers to questions. All readings are done by e-mail to ensure your privacy. The fee for an Email Reading is $25.00, and is paid
through Paypal.  Gift Certificates are also available.  Payment is done by clicking on your selection (click the arrow on the buttons
below to see or select your choice), then click on the button to make your purchase.

E-mail me for details at:

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Consultations With Sue Anderson
Help Through Life's Journey
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